2016 Fresh Faces of Fashion

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year…in theory that is.  Houston does not have much of a fall.  It’s either really hot or semi-bearable.  There is not much of a happy medium.  That being said, as we part ways with the summer months, there’s an incredible change of color that comes with the change in seasons that I absolutely love.  If you have done any window shopping recently, you have likely noticed the darker and bolder colors and prints that adorn the mannequins.

This week I stopped by Tootsies to get a glimpse of some of the local trends that will line the streets of Houston.  Reds and blacks were a prominent color scheme throughout the show, which I absolutely love.

Another major trend is full on fur.  Fur has been pretty prominent in trends virtually year-round over the past couple of years.  From the Fendi fur monster handbag charms to stilettos, fur has been featured in the most unexpected places.  I think it is so important to sport the fur in moderation.  I don’t think Kim Kardashian will agree with me on this one.  Have you seen her fur “shower slippers?” I refuse to post a picture for your reference because I care about all of you and want to spare your eyes.

Now, these looks are all about the color blocking combined with the fur love, but they are paired in a way that does not scream desperate.  I love the subtle red pop in the Les Petits Joueurs handbag pictured in the center as well as the Fendi fur piping on the handbag featured in the photo to the right.

Other trends featured were lace (which is always a go-to) and embroidery.  From Valentino to Fendi, embroidery is everywhere.  Handbags, coats, boots…you name it!

I am a huge fan of embroidery myself.  I sported the trend with one of my favorite Valentino handbags. I paired it with a Kate Spade dress and Christian Louboutin heels.

As the temperature drops, the layering can begin.   Now is the time to mix and match your favorite trends.  I am all about power color combinations and embroidery this season.  Have a favorite trend?!?

As another week comes to a close, I hope you all stay safe and sassy.  And remember, Karma is a betch! 🙂



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12 thoughts on “2016 Fresh Faces of Fashion

  1. Creative Junkie says:

    So jealous! Living in small town Iowa, runway and fashion shows are a extremely scarce. And the few that do happen are an absolute waste and have no real fashion base to them. It’s all an opportunity for the few preselected “special” local shops to get together and promote whatever they have in store currently. There’s no rhyme or reason when they do it, just a publicity stunt at best. So again, I’m jealous that you get the opportunities to be apart/attend these!

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  2. Hattingdon says:

    Love you in that sheath with ruffled layer at the bottom. You look darling.

    Enquiring minds want to know, do you wear hats? I lived in Houston 23 years and didn’t wear nearly as many hats as when I lived in New York and DC. But fascinators ought to work. You would look great with your hair in a chignon and a perfectly placed hat.

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    • admirablylegal says:

      Aww thank you so much! I must say I really don’t wear hats here. When I was in DC, I would definitely go for a hat. For some reason it just doesn’t fit in Houston. I have so much hair, so a chignon would be such a relief right about now.😉

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