On Fridays we Raise the Macallan



Last weekend was a bit out of character for me.  I humbly admit that I find myself drinking a good cup of tea while watching Netflix or reading a good book on Friday nights.  I embrace my nerdiness fully.  That being said, sometimes smiling faces can motivate me to break from tradition.  I attended the Raise the Macallan whiskey experience here in Houston at the Citadel, and I must say it was rather interesting.

I learned that Scotts love their Whiskey so much, they honored their tradition in their currency.  What else did I learn?  I learned that you should NOT swish your drink around as you might do with a glass of wine.  Also, this stuff can burn your nose.  There you have it…advice from someone who doesn’t get out much. 🙂



I am all about pulling pieces out of the crypt, and my dress is TEN YEARS old!  This dress has seen me through college, law school, and well work life.  I still remember the day I purchased this theory dress on sale for $100 from Saks.  It was neglected on the sale rack, but alas, I have worn this dress in 5 countries.

My Yves Saint Laurent purse and Fendi monster bag charm are only ten days old, however, and I’m really embracing the red and black color blocking this season.  My Salvatore Ferragamo heels are on sale now at 6pm.com!

As some of you may know, I tend to refer to myself as bag lady.  I have always had an obsession with bags, flats, and coats (despite being a Texan).  There are so many bag charms across price points to choose from right now.  I actually snagged my monster charm from Bluefly.com for 80% off!  It’s a fun way to add a little detail to your Friday night look.

Tomorrow will make two Fridays in a row that I’ll be having a little fun (baby steps).  I will be attending night one of my friend’s fabulous Indian wedding.  More to come next week! 😉

Happy almost Friday, folks!







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