Culture, Color, and Community

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you are all rested and ready for the week ahead. I must admit, I am beyond exhausted.  However, in continuing with my last post, writing about my lovely friend’s beautiful wedding puts a smile on my face. I want to thank everyone who sent me photos of their Henna fun.  I loved seeing the different styles and designs.

Today, I am happy to share my first sari experience.  My amazing friend went out of her way to lend me one of her own saris and went shopping with me to make sure I had everything I needed.  I have been in a few weddings, and I don’t know many brides-to-be who would give up a whole Sunday right before the wedding, so a big shout out  goes to the lovely Anu!!!!!!!!!

As a Texas A&M graduate, it was rather fitting that I wore a bit of maroon, and I must say, saris are super comfortable!  I was completely entranced by the beautiful sea of color both worn by the men and the women.  From purples and reds to oranges and greens, everyone looked amazing.

Of course, no one looked more alive than the elated bride and groom.  I really enjoyed the ceremony, especially as the guests received detailed explanations of each aspect of the Hindu ceremony.  The Saptapadi (seven steps) is a crucial part of the wedding ceremony, as it is the legally binding portion portion of the wedding. The bride and groom hold hand and circle the fire which bonds their union.

From the dancing, to the food, to the traditions, I truly enjoyed bearing witness to the marriage of my two friends.  I have always been intrigued by the ceremonies, traditions, and other aspects of cultures across the world.  Weddings are a great way to experience a different culture, and I hope you all can experience different types of wedding ceremonies.

I do love the multiple wardrobe changes Indian brides experience.  Here are just a few from last week!

Looking back on happy moments shared with my friends certainly puts me in the right mood to conquer the week.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!







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