Better Than New

As I sit here typing this post, the sky is dark and dreary, and the rain is imminent.  A few Sundays ago, on a day similar to this, I had the privilege of meeting Nicole Curtis.  Nicole shot to success after the launch of her show on HGTV, “Rehab Addict”.  No…it is not THAT rehab you may be thinking of.  Nicole actually buys homes, particularly history sites, and completely gives them a makeover.  We have all seen people transform after a hair and wardrobe makeover.  Sometimes all a home needs is a good makeover, which is where Nicole comes into play.

I must say, I was astonished not only by how tiny she is given the intensive work she does but also by her intense personal battles.  Nicole is currently on tour promoting her book Better than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes (And How They Saved Me)in which she shares some of her most notable trials.  While many television hosts tend to overshare, Nicole actually hid her pregnancy while filming her show by holding a mirror in certain shots.  While people have strong opinions about her in both directions, I do respect the fact that she worked as a waitress and cleaning homes before becoming a real estate agent and eventually a TV star all while supporting her child.

I must say I had no idea how popular she was, especially in the greater Houston area. Fortunately, I was able to skip the line as a guest of a blogger event at Wold Market (one of my favorite go-to stores for fun and unique home designs).

Shoes: Christian Dior
Handbag: Alexander McQueen
Leggings: Zara
Shirt: Forever 21

I have attended numerous meet and greets with TV & film stars, athletes, and beyond.  It is always fascinating to see who shatters your first impressions.  I expected Nicole to be a bit dry, but she actually had the whole crowd singing to one of her fans celebrating her birthday and was super gracious to everyone she meets.

As this was a casual event, I decided to keep it simple. While my shoes and handbag were on the pricey spectrum, the rest of my outfit cost a whopping $25!

As I sit here finishing up the rest of her book, I wish you all a happy Sunday and a great rest of the week ahead!

-XOXO Mira-






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