Eye Spy Sales Galore!

I must say, it made me smile when I started receiving emails from my fellow bloggers wondering where I have gone.  From work to volunteering with the Super Bowl, I am officially EXHAUSTED!  I hope this Friday is treating you well!  After this weekend, I will hopefully be on more of a “normal” routine.

For those of you may be flying in to Houston for Super Bowl LI festivities, WELCOME!  There is so much to do and see….it’s actually kind of overwhelming.  I’ll be sharing some of my experiences next week.

The weather in Houston this past week has gone from 50s (I know that’s summer weather for New England fans) to the 80s, and from sun to rain and clouds.  There are really just two seasons here in Texas, “winter” and “summer”.  Here is a recap of my recent “winter” attire.  It was a bit gloomy, so my inner goth came out. I found my whole outfit online and on sale, which is always a win.

The Boots

I happily bought these Gucci rain boots for $90 at Saks!  Over the past two years, I have almost transitioned exclusively to online shopping, and it is amazing what deals you can find. Here in Houston, a good pair of rain boots is a “must have” item.

The Scarf

According to Alexander McQueen, this is a scarf.  More like my new favorite blanket.  I have always been a McQueen fan, as I love the attention to detail in all of his pieces.  Fortunately for me, McQueen was all about the evil eye this past season.  I snagged this scarf online as well.  Net-A-Porter is having a huge sale right now with an extra 20% off!

Not Your Average Button Down

So I admittedly have a very “eclectic” style.  Every stylist will tell you that a classic white button down is a staple piece, whether you are headed to office or out to dinner with your friends.  When I saw this lovely little evil eye button down from Tome, obviously I had to have it.  FYI Tome’s sizing runs very large.  This is an XS, and we all can see that I’m clearly not an XS. 🙂  I found this little piece at 60% off on Saks.com.

The Bags


I know you may be thinking there is no way you got these pieces on sale. WRONG.  I have always wanted a Lady Dior bag.  I actually went to my local Dior store to ogle, and the salesperson informed me that Dior is moving away from the Large Lady Dior, and that Overstock.com had a few of the large pieces on sale.  We actually looked online and found 3.  By the time I got home, I only saw 1 left…and well I just had to pull the trigger.

My work bag is also one of my favorites.  Hogan is a brand often associated with European tourists, which makes me laugh. For those of you not familiar with the brand, they make comfortable tennis shoes with a bit of a platform.  They are actually super comfortable too.  As with the rest of my outfit, I found this bag on sale at Yoox.com.  A lot of my friends have never heard of this website, but it is actually a great place to find a wide range of designers at all price points at major discounts.  You’re welcome.

For those of you inspired to hunt down the sales this weekend, best of luck.  If you are looking for advice online deals, just send me a note!

–XOXO Mira-







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