Oh My Eyes!

If you have been window (or online in my case) shopping, you’ve likely noticed the crazy prints and splashes of color.  As someone who embraces this concept year-round, I love it!

At the office, it may be a bit challenging, but I am all about taking a staple piece like a black dress and pairing it with a bit of craziness.


I have a tendency to wear black far too often at the office, so I have more versions of the black dress (little or otherwise)  than I can count hanging in my office.  I particularly like finding pieces that can be worn during the office and then out to dinner with friends. The lace detailing in this Cynthia Steffe dress I snagged on sale kicks it up a notch on the wearability (yes, that’s a word) scale, as I would wear this to a nice dinner or of course another day at the office.  Granted, I don’t know about you, but my outings have been kept to a bare minimum recently! That being said, I’m always ready! 😉


Here’s the outfit rundown:

  • Shoes: Alice & Olivia
  • Handbag & Bag Charm: Gucci
  • Scarf: Givenchy
  • Dress: Cynthia Steffe

I have a tendency to always be cold at the office, so I never head to the office without a scarf or coat.  Not only do they keep me from shivering at work, but they can also be a great way to liven up my look. Having some crazy shoes on hand can also help…


I go in phases where I avoid wearing heels to work, so I’m all about mini wedges like these Alice & Olivia crazies and flats.  Thank God, fun flats are a big trend this season!

Of course my most favorite part of my outfit is always a good handbag, and I love Gucci for humoring me in the evil eye department.  Pearls are also huge right now, and I love the subtle incorporation.  Givenchy was also inspired by Egyptian culture last season, so when I saw this eye of Horus scarf on sale, I just could not help myself.

From bags to summer coats and shoes, there’s so much fun to be had. Happy shopping (and hump day)!






9 thoughts on “Oh My Eyes!

  1. Sheismelrose says:

    Yes I have noticed is everywhere and I’m loving the bold colors instead of pastel for spring you scored with that bag
    have found that relieves my extremely dry and itchy scalp while being gentle on my hair. I love, love, love this product and won’t use anything else.

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