Nerdy Thirty

So, it is official.  As of yesterday, I have finally joined the 30s club.  While most people embrace the “dirty thirty” theme, for me, a more realistic theme would be “nerdy thirty”. It is amazing how fast time flies.  Ten years ago, I was going from one country to the next as a college student. Now I’m going from one meeting to another. #beinggrownupsucks

My style has definitely evolved over the last ten years as well.  Ten years ago was actually the last time I wore pants. True story!  If you ever see photos of me wearing what appears to be pants, please be advised that I’m a proud member of the “I only wear leggings” club.  🙂

My style is still as quirky as ever, and as I graduated law school and started practicing law, I refused to give up my quirkiness. So here’s to the next ten years of evolution!

One fashion designer I proudly met ten years ago was Victoria Beckham.  While most people tend to not be big fans of hers, I actually really appreciated how self-deprecating and nice she was. She is someone who has gone through quite a style transformation herself, and her journey has been an interesting one. When she announced her Target collaboration, I was intrigued but not quite sold. I typically am not a fan of some of these collaborations, and weeks after the launch of the line, I decided to give it a go.

To be frank, I had mixed emotions about most of the pieces I saw on the racks.  There was only one piece I was interested in buying, and I was pleasantly surprised.


In typical Victoria fashion, these dresses run a bit large, but I always love when I can find dresses that aren’t too short for work.  The dress cost me just $35, and I paired it with one of my new favorite Gucci bags for the office and some RedValentino pumps I snagged on sale at the Outnet. If you haven’t shopped at the Outnet, I suggest you start now!

One thing that hasn’t changed over the past ten years is my love for evil eyes.  And yes, I have an evil eye cow and tree in in my office.

I personally have a love for Calla Lilies, so Victoria could not really do wrong here.  Calla Lilies are pretty huge right now, so from Dolce & Gahanna to Forever 21, there a loads of options to embrace one of my favorite floral looks.

Hope you all have a great weekend!






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