Summer of Shoe Sales

Some people associate summertime with strolling along a sunny beach. I, on the other hand, dream of shoes, sales, and shopping. Granted a sunny beach also works for me, but I digress.

There are so many sales going on at this moment that it is a bit overwhelming.  As a connoisseur of all things shoes, some of you have asked me to walk through some of the current deals going on, so, as promised, here are a few places to snag discount shoes at all price points without ever having to brave the stores.

Rue La La

I am a huge Rue La La Fan, as there is a wide array of styles at virtually all price points.  One tip is they do charge $10 for a month’s worth of free shipping.  Throughout the year, they offer a $30 special for a year’s worth of shipping. While I am morally opposed to paying for shipping, I will say it can be worth it given some of the tougher deals, like finding Christian Louboutin styles on sale.


Louboutins can be very difficult to find on sale, and I absolutely love his wedges! I got these for 30% off, and as a Texas resident, I also didn’t have to pay tax!  Not all Louboutins are created equal when it comes to comfort, but I am a huge fan of these wedges.


DSW is a great place to shop both in store and online.  Like Rue La La, DSW has shoes at all price points, and they also have loads of additional promotions and coupons if you are into saving $$ like me. I had actually seen this pair of Betsey Johnson sandals featured on Rue La La, but as someone who loves to get the best deal possible, DSW won the price war.  These sandals are not only comfortable and unique but they also feed into my evil eye obsession.



I have a love-hate relationship with Gucci, but over the past year or so, it has been a very loving relationship.  There are so many unique styles and patterns to choose from, and Gucci has also embraced the eye which automatically gives them brownie points. Bloomingdales has actually had quite a few styles pop up on sale unlike the actual Gucci store.  I was informed by a Gucci sales associate that they will not be putting on any form of sale, as their shoes, particularly their mules and sneakers are flying off the shelves at full price. So thank you Bloomingdales for giving me 50% off!



Gilt Group

Like Rue La La, Gilt features different designers and styles on a daily basis.  There are a lot of great finds to be had, even when it comes to certain styles that rarely go on sale.  The Miu Miu ballet shoes have been featured all over the place.  What started off as a simple pair of ballet flats with mismatched straps has become quite the craze and has been adapted to fit other styles.  I am a huge lover of wedges because you have the benefits of a heel with a bit more comfort and stability.  When I saw these black ballet wedges, I figured they would never go on sale.  Thanks to, I was most fortunately incorrect.


There are loads of other sales going on.  Barney’s has some incredible deals on brands like Fendi, Miu Miu and Valentino (over 60% off!).  Saks and Neiman Marcus also have great finds at over 60% off.  The only problem is the limited stock, so if you see something, snap it up!

I did receive a question regarding whether Gucci mules are on sale.  Rue La La and Gilt did feature some of the Gucci mules on sale (at slightly discounted prices); however, they sold out in like seconds.  Certain styles are not being featured on sale at all simply due to high demand. The Donald Duck version, for example, apparently sold out in like minutes.  So, if you see some of the more unique styles, I would not hold your breath.


Happy Monday and Happy Shopping!






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