Emerald City

Happy Hump Day! I don’t know about you, but this week has felt far too long already!  Today’s look is all about emerald green. Green is my absolute favorite color, regardless of the shade.  Not only does the color represent life, but it also looks great on just about everyone.

I am not one to shy away from going a bit overboard when it comes to matching my entire outfit, and here’s yet another example. 🙂


Pardon the office badge…


While I love shopping for clothes, my real addiction lies with the accessories.  I absolutely love this bag by Les Petits Joueurs. For those of you not familiar with this brand, the name is French for “the little players”.  I love fun and unique designs, and Les Petits Joueurs is all about being bold and thinking outside the box.  The brand is known for their use of elaborate beading and legos, which are featured in my handbag. They also have a version of this bag that has eyes on it.  Definitely on my list!  I found this bag on sale at Yoox.com.


I tend to constantly fall in and out of love with Dolce & Gabbana. Over the past year or so, the love has definitely been on.  How fun are these banana leaf heels! The great think about the small heel is you can wear them literally all day with zero discomfort.


Thanks to my constant overdoing it when it comes to my 5am workouts, my hip has been screaming at me recently (TMI, I know). Believe it or not, wearing leggings actually helps. I found mine on sale at Athleta. They are super comfortable!

The emerald blazer was on sale at Zara for just $39.99!  I’m 5’7 (and 3/4 to be precise), and the blazer was a bit longer than the average blazer on me.  I tend to prefer longer jackets and coats, but if you’re on the shorter end, you may want to keep this in mind. I think the jacket may now be sold out online, but I have seen them in the stores. So happy shopping!

Last on the list is my cute little snake scarf. I featured the scarf (actually a bandana) in my last post on the latest mascara from Givenchy, and I’ve received a lot of messages wondering where it is from.  The designer is Rockins, and they have so many cute options to choose from.  Click here for more fun bandana options!

Sending you all love as we survive the work week!






17 thoughts on “Emerald City

  1. Tuesday's Horse says:

    I always look forward to your posts. Today’s is especially scrumptious. Mad about green especially the way you do it. What I love is the way you put your look together. It is always so carefully done yet looks spontaneous and always fun. I lived in Houston many years which always makes me feel sentimental about people who live there. A big Texas hug and thanks. —Vivian.

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