Sinner and Saint: A Kat Von D Beauty Review


As someone who loves trying and discovering new scents, I was thrilled to receive free samples of both the Sinner and Saint fragrances from Kat von D Beauty and Influenster in exchange for doing a review on the products.

To be honest, while Kat’s products are splashed across social media sites, I’m not quite sure that I would have tried her products if I had not received them to try.  My only familiarity with Kat Von D was that she is a tattoo artist who appears on TV. Yes, I’m clearly out of touch.

I decided to start with Saint, and I was immediately stunned by how much I loved the scent.  It is strong but not overpowering and has a sophisticated floral scent.  I instantly became a fan and highly recommend you give this scent a try.


While I have been known to mix my own fragrances on occasion, I decided to give Sinner a go the next day, and once again, Kat far exceeded my expectations.  This scent has more of a spice, and like Saint, is strong but not excessive.  If you enjoy Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf, I think you may enjoy this scent.


While these perfumes are complimentary scents, I am not a fan of mixing the two.  However, I would absolutely purchase either or both of these scents and switch between the two.  Both scents are bold and have their own character, and they really do stand up to many of the leading fragrances.

After giving these perfumes a try, I must admit that I am really looking forward to learning more about Kat Von D’s line of products. I appreciate not only the quality but also the aesthetic look she infuses from her background as a tattoo artist.

The verdict is in, and I give both Sinner and Saint an A-!!  As I type this post, I am inhaling Saint and loving it.

While the sample bottles are not elaborate, you have to check out the stunning look of the full-size bottles.  If you are looking to channel your inner sinner, click here. More of a saint? Click here.








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