💙Blue Basics💙

Happy October, Friends! This month marks the lowering of temperatures, the falling of the leaves, and of course the transition to fall outfits. Well, here in Houston, it’s not quite that time, so I’ll settle for being able to wear a coat without melting.😂

Considering that it is still in the 90s, I would say sandals are still OK.

While Labor Day may have passed, I’m all about these pearl-effect Christian Louboutin platforms. I snagged these on sale at RueLaLa.com.

Of course I love a good sale, and each piece of my outfit was purchased at a minimum of 30% off!

My cobalt coat was 50% off at Zara, and I was able to find a matching dress also on sale.  I have always loved the whimsical look of bell sleeves, and there’s loads of options to choose from this season at all price points.

Of course an outfit isn’t complete without the accessories. My Karlito bag charm was a clearance item featured on Gilt.com, and my pink Lady Dior handbag was also on sale at Overstock.com.

I have always been a fan of mixing and matching pieces ranging from higher end designers to more affordable brands. I often get questions on how I find certain pieces on sale. I’ll have more to come on that front in a later post, but I’m all about patience and doing my reserarch.

For those of you looking for ideas on where to snag certain pieces on sale, feel free to send me a message. I love sharing tips with friends!!

Have a great week ahead!




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