Wandering Around Wynwood

While the term “snowbird” is often used to describe those who leave cold climates in favor of warmer temperatures, I left Houston to visit Miami. Today Houston is colder than Boston, so I’ll be a snowbird for purposes of today’s post.

Due to icy road conditions, my office has closed. So I have decided to multitask, browsing through my pictures while working from home.

Looking through my pictures, I was inspired to share some of my favorite art walls from my walk around the Miami Art District. While you may be thinking “where’s the fashion?”, paintings often inspire oh favorite fashion designers. Louis Vuitton and Prada have embraced classic and modern, which can be seen in their latest collections.

Gucci reached out to an artist to enhance not only clothing and leather goods but also the faรงades of its shops.

Louis Vuitton used the works of famous impressionists such as Monet to inspire a collection of handbags.

Perhaps some of my favorite art walls in Miami will inspire future collections?!?

I have always been fascinated by the Day of the Dead, so the skeletal women are my absolute favorite.

One thing I love about Miami is the vibrance in everything from the food to its walk. I try to embrace that vibrance in my shoes and accessories. If you’re curious, the shoes are Prada, the handbag is by Balenciaga, and my bag charm is from Fendi.

If you’re ever in Miami, I recommend checking out the Wynwood area. From art walls to luxury shopping, there is so much to do and see.

If any of you are from Miami or are familiar with the area, I’m open to ideas for places to visit.

Stay warm everyone!




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