Spring Sneaker Sensations

Hello, friends! I know it has been some time since my last post. I’m happy to be back, and I have been amassing quite the sneaker collection since my last post.

As someone who falls on the taller side, I am a huge fan of all things flats. Hence, I was ecstatic to see the sneaker in full force down the runway from Channel to Versace.

I have tried numerous brands, and here is a list of my favorites (and most comfortable) pairs.


Gucci is one of the most prominent players in the sneaker game. They run true to size, are super comfortable, and have a unique sense of spice. My first pair is one of my favorites, as the patches can be easily mixed and matched. When I saw the evil eye set, I just had to go for it!πŸ‘

The second pair listed is reminiscent of bowling shoes, and I love the subtle shine. These were the first pair of designer shoes on my list, and they had me hooked!


Overall, Prada makes some of the most comfortable shoes. Their sneakers share that comfort and are great for people with narrow to wide feet.

I loved the Prada slipons…I particularly was drawn to the quirky robots. I snagged these at 60% off from Nordstrom, which was a huge draw. My next pair fall in line with the platform trend. Stella McCartney’s oxfords reinvigorated the platform, and this pair is super comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. Like my other Pradas, I snagged this pair at 70% off from Barneys Warehouse.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent sneakers tend to run true to size but also a bit flat. If you need more of an arch, these are probably not ideal for you. I love the complimenting prints and colors. From hearts to waves, I enjoy the quirky touches.


While Versace clothing tends to run small, the shoes do run true to size. Some of the sneakers run a bit wide, so if you have narrow feet, you may want to go down by a half size. Versace sneakers come in multiple color blocking schemes. Whether you’re looking for more subtle looks or wanting more of the Versace boldness, there are plenty of great styles to select from.


I absolutely love the beading and delicate sticking found on Dior’s sneakers. They are incredible comfortable, feeling more like socks…really adorable ones. I love navy and pink, so this pair was a must. Being half off at Yoox also helps.


While Adidas may not be on the high-end fashion, I do love the Stan Smith for Adidas classic black tennis shoes. They are comfortable and can be worn with anything from dresses to leggings.


Hogan has been a longstanding champion of the “classy sneaker”. With the perfect sized platform and classic lines, these are a must. Yoox often has Hogan’s on sale, and I highly recommend this brand.


Fendi is one of my favorite brands, and I have noticed that their sneakers are very similar I’m comfort to major brands such as Nike and Adidas. Love me some Fendi!

There are loads of brands at all price points that are embracing the sneaker from Salvatore Ferragamo to Sam Edelman. While there are loads of colors and styles to choose from, the key is going with comfort. Whether you’re sporting a t-shirt and jeans to a t-short dress or even leggings and a button down, a good pair of sneakers can take you beyond the gym.

Have a favorite pair of designer sneakers?!? Share the wealth!



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