Summer Sale Steals

Like all school-aged children, I always used to count down the minutes until class let out for the year. Summer was a time for friends, traveling, and fun. Like most adults, summers include my working to pay the bills…oh and that includes my shopping bills too.

While I no longer look forward to the time off, I have learned to become a pro when it comes to shopping for designer sales. Unlike the infamous Black Friday in the US or Boxing Day in the U.K., summer sales extend for a longer period of time where prices are not as frequently elevated prior to a sale. While there are some designer items that will sell out at the slightest hint of a sale, items that fall into the trendy cycle do go on a gradual decline to as low as 80% off around July/August.

I’m often asked which websites I use for my online sale binges. One of my favorites is They carry a diverse array of brands and styles from top brands that are not as easy to find in your average department store. Having gone through a work slump, I decided to go for a shopping pick-me-up and was able to find some great shoes and accessories at 65% off and higher!

I don’t often talk about the packaging, but I love the boxes this site uses to ship your items. I have actually reused all of my boxes, and the unique print makes storage a bit more fun. One thing that I have noticed with popular department store online orders is a move to customizing each order. This site has done this for years, always including a card with the name of the person who organized the box. It may sound silly, but I do appreciate the little details.

Now for my finds…

Fendi is one of my favorite designers for handbags. I love the unique prints and combination of textures in this bag. Dior and Fendi have really pushed for the reinvigoration of the logo print, and it has been a couple of years since the traditional Fendi logo was featured as a focal point of the bag. Florals are also a big trend going into fall, and with the use of velvet and infusion of summer and spring colors, I look forward to wearing this year round. The bag has now sold out, but several sites like RueLaLa still have it but at a lower discount.

For the last few years, purse straps have become the new bag charm. Designers like Anya Hindmarch even allow you to customize and design your own straps that can be used with multiple bags. I love this trend because it makes it easier to transform what you already have in your closet. However, I must say they are expensive! I loved this strap set, as it comes with two different straps, and with many solos color totes, I know I’ll put these straps to good use!

A shoe designer that I have come to love over the past year is Sanayi 313. They are well known for their unique mules, and I love the various designs, prints, and materials they use. How fun are these she’ll mules!?! They are great to wear with leggings and a tunic or a dress, and with the dark color of the mule as a base, despite the use of shells, I will totally wear these for the next several months. Plus I live in Texas, so it won’t be “cold” for a while. 😉 The only down side is that they are a bit noisy, but I suppose people will know when I have arrived!

Because of the trend aspect of these items, as opposed to basics, these items do go on sale, but I always recommend doing your research first. Over the past decade or so, I’ve become familiar with the fluctuations in price and sale timeframes, so I never just pull the trigger during an initial sale. I’m always here to help if you have any questions.

Happy shopping…and almost Friday!



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