A Day with Sebastian Stan

Have you ever seen Captain America, the Avengers, or I, Tonya? How about Gossip Girl, The Martian, or The Bronze? If so, you are likely very familiar with Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan.

Nearly one year ago, Sebastian was going to visit Houston as a part of the Fandemic Tour. Then, the infamous Hurricane Harvey hit, and the thoughts of Houstonians were elsewhere. Flash forward to a year later, and we are making progress in re-building our community…with more efforts still very much needed. Houston was ready for Sebastian’s visit later this month when schedule adjustments happened preventing him from attending. This is of course is the product of his being a popular actor filming three movies over the remainder of the year. Instead of apologizing for not being able to attend, Sebastian surprised Houstonians with a one day visit with fans, dubbed as “Sebastian Con”.

I was overjoyed at having the opportunity to have coffee and hang out with the actor, who was incredibly kind and gracious. The day kicked off with a fire alarm being pulled. Sebastian’s response? Drop down and do push ups of course. Sebastian took photos and interacted with several hundred fans. A highlight for me is when I asked him to share a special message. Without hesitation, he responded with “enjoy everyday. That’s what it’s all about…the moment.”

Everyone in attendance was doing just that. People who had never met were gathering and interacting. In many cases, participants left with new friends with common interests. During the Q&A panel, Sebastian revealed that he was flying to Greece to shoot a movie about real relationships, which he felt isn’t fully shared in films today. Many asked about how he addresses anxiety, and I was surprised that he spoke about “mindfulness” in some detail, which is now being taught in medical schools. I have had the fortune of interviewing and chatting with many celebrities, and he stood out as being especially intelligent and insightful. One question I had asked was whether he ever disagreed with directors and advocated for trying/shooting a different perspective. He said that typically he strives with understanding and uniting with the view of the director who owns the vision.

I had amazing day spend with people I had never met, and the Fandemic staff were so kind, gracious, and accommodating. They had put this gathering together in less than a week, which is truly impressive! If you happen to be in Houston the week of the 13th, I highly recommend attending the Fandemic Tour! I will certainly be there!

Now, when it comes to fashion I opted for comfort. You can’t go wrong with an LBD. Mine is from Karen Kane, and I paired it with Nike platform sneakers. I have since purchased these sneakers in another color combination. I absolutely love them! You can find them online at Nike’s website or at Nordstrom. They are almost sold out, so you may want to act fast! When I was going to say goodbye to the Fandemic CEO and Sebastian, they both admired my shoes, so they are officially Fandemic/Sebastian Stan approved!πŸ˜‰

You can buy tickets for Fandemic here. Let me know if you’ll be attending!



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