❤️Red Love❤️

Certain colors are more cyclical, but a bold red is always in fashion. Fashion designer Bill Blass famously said that “red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” If you’re looking for a boost as we move into March, I suggest going for the cure of red.

Fortunately, red is readily available this season (pun intended), and as a big fan of the color, I’ve mixed and matched pieces spanning several seasons.

A few months back, I snagged this Maxi Gucci handbag in red at 40% off at Saks! I tend to embrace the bigger handbags, and the great things about this size is that I can fit my everyday essentials plus my work laptop and iPad for work…and maybe an entire human being as well. It’s also a great travel carry on.

Logo mania is still very much in full swing, and I snagged these red Gucci loafers on sale at Rue La La! They come in several colors including an amazing navy blue, and the best thing is that they’re so incredibly comfortable!

As someone who doesn’t shy away from bold brings, I paired by red tidal wave with a RedValentino coat and black tunic from Athleta. For those who are looking for just a small dose, a bold red shoe can be paired with a black dress and tailored jacket. I just go with my mood…and this day happened to require a big dose.💊

Zara has some great red tunics and dresses ranging from $39.99 to $129.99. Athleta also has some great red sweaters on sale! Looking for the ride shade for you?!? Feel free to send me a message!

Hope you all have a great last week of February!💋💃🏼

❤️XOXO Mira❤️


INSTAGRAM: @admirablylegal & @MiraHaykal


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