Shopping with Sarah Jessica Parker

A few years back, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) visited Nordstrom in Houston to promote her shoe line. The second I saw screaming fans wrapped around the mall, I decided to pass. When I heard SJP was making a quick stop to Houston a few weeks ago, I had my doubts. However, after learning that she was donating 100% of the proceeds to MD Anderson Cancer Center, I couldn’t say no.

While there were loads of Sex and the City fans eager to shop with Sarah, I was pleasantly surprised by how civilized most people were!

Within a few minutes, I had spotted some pairs of interest.

These were the first pairs I had tried from her line, and I must say I was surprised by how comfortable they are!

When I asked Sarah if my shoe selection was a bit much for the office, her response made me smile. She asked whether people second guessed a man wearing crazy socks or perhaps a crazy tie. The answer: hell no! Her message to all the ladies around me was to simply embrace being who we are. I was surprised by how down to earth she was. She literally helped put shoes on shoppers’ feet and was running across the venue to help ladies find what they needed. That’s not something many celebrities would be willing to do.

There are always a series of factors that inspire the brands I support. After meeting such a kind spirit who was truly humble and eager to support a cause that impacts so many, I must say she won me over as a major fan!

In just a few weeks, SJP will host another shoe sale in Houston at Catholic Charities. Who can say no to shopping for a reason?!?

❤️XOXO Mira❤️


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