Summer Sale Steals

Like all school-aged children, I always used to count down the minutes until class let out for the year. Summer was a time for friends, traveling, and fun. Like most adults, summers include my working to pay the bills...oh and that includes my shopping bills too. While I no longer look forward to the time … Continue reading Summer Sale Steals

Accessories for Your Accessories, The Bag Charm

Nia Varadalos once said, "You're never too fat for a purse."  While my weight on the scale has seen its ups and downs, my love for handbags has remained constant.  A couple of years ago, Fendi launched its monster collection complete with bag bugs.  Naturally, the collection was a hit, and it launched a global … Continue reading Accessories for Your Accessories, The Bag Charm

Sizzling Summer Statement Shoes

    Looking to replace those size six shorts?  For some brands, you may have to purchase the exact pair in a size twelve.  This has caused outrage among many women (and men).  The solution?  Stick to those shoes! Shoes generally do not not change size (minor exceptions aside), and with the right pair, you … Continue reading Sizzling Summer Statement Shoes