Mira’s May Wish List

May has traditionally been one of my favorite months of the year.  The school year would come to a close, the sun would come out, and of course, another birthday would come and go.   I'm not too big into horoscopes; however, I thought it would be fun to share a little love with my … Continue reading Mira’s May Wish List

Admirably Legal’s 1 Year Birthday!!!!!!

I have wanted to start a blog for the past several years, and I never managed to bite the bullet and go for it....that is until ONE YEAR ago.  I cannot believe Admirably Legal has been alive and kicking for a year!!  Today I reminded of just how fast time flies, and of course, I … Continue reading Admirably Legal’s 1 Year Birthday!!!!!!

Happy Birthday America!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and for my American friends across the globes, a lovely July 4 holiday. Independence Day, July 4, or America’s birthday is typically celebrated with fireworks, fun, and of course, barbeques with family and friends. Today, I’m spending my July 4 resting up for the week ahead (because … Continue reading Happy Birthday America!