YAY, It is Time for Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday, everyone!  For those of you who are in need of a little exercise, you would be surprised how much you can burn wandering around the malls.  Sales have already hit record breaking highs, but with those sales, we have seen quite a bit of madness. For those of you visiting or about to … Continue reading YAY, It is Time for Black Friday!

Are You Lovin’ It?

When Moschino revealed a collection of fast-food inspired merchandise, I couldn't help but chuckle.  Moschino end up having the last laugh, as McDonalds-inspired phone covers, bags, and dresses sold out across the globe.  Who would have thought it would work, but alas it did.  With the success of Moschino’s eccentric pieces, McDonalds has finally decided … Continue reading Are You Lovin’ It?

Milan Fashion Week Feature: Moschino Fall 2015

Last year, Moschino went “rogue” and plastered its collection with fast food inspired themes.  At the time, my thought was, “Who the hell would pay money for this?”  While it is rather amusing to observe, many have begun wondering whether fashion week is more of a crazy art project as opposed to a display of … Continue reading Milan Fashion Week Feature: Moschino Fall 2015