YAY, It is Time for Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday, everyone!  For those of you who are in need of a little exercise, you would be surprised how much you can burn wandering around the malls.  Sales have already hit record breaking highs, but with those sales, we have seen quite a bit of madness. For those of you visiting or about to … Continue reading YAY, It is Time for Black Friday!

Designer Showcase: Valentino Garavani

As I cautiously maneuvered my way around the Galleria, I could not help but stop at the sight of Valentino’s window display.  Following the two terrible terrorist tragedies in Paris last week, the word “peace” displaced in numerous languages best summarizes our current global need.  I applaud Valentino for this touching tribute, which had me … Continue reading Designer Showcase: Valentino Garavani