Valentine’s Looks

Can you believe that February is upon us? With the arrival of February comes Valentine's Day, and while I'm not a big champion of the holiday, I'll take any excuse to wear red.💃🏻 Valentine's Day or not, many retailers have embraced everything from hearts to pink and red color blocking this season. So finding the … Continue reading Valentine’s Looks

On Fridays we Raise the Macallan

  Last weekend was a bit out of character for me.  I humbly admit that I find myself drinking a good cup of tea while watching Netflix or reading a good book on Friday nights.  I embrace my nerdiness fully.  That being said, sometimes smiling faces can motivate me to break from tradition.  I attended … Continue reading On Fridays we Raise the Macallan

Ladybug Love OOTD

This morning I was officially dubbed the ladybug lawyer, and I must say I kind of love it.  Throwing a little black, white, and red in the mix is actually well embraced as a powerful color scheme.  Believe it or not, it can even represent danger.  If you spot black, red, and white in nature, … Continue reading Ladybug Love OOTD