Valentine’s Looks

Can you believe that February is upon us? With the arrival of February comes Valentine's Day, and while I'm not a big champion of the holiday, I'll take any excuse to wear red.šŸ’ƒšŸ» Valentine's Day or not, many retailers have embraced everything from hearts to pink and red color blocking this season. So finding the … Continue reading Valentine’s Looks

Happy Valentineā€™s Day!

Happy Valentineā€™s Day lovelies! By the time some of you are reading this, Valentineā€™s Day is either over, or you are dressed and ready to start the day. Accordingly, todayā€™s post is not about what to wear. Instead, I thought I would share a mini history of the infamous day. Today, Valentineā€™s Day is a … Continue reading Happy Valentineā€™s Day!

Valentineā€™s Day Gifts: Online Shopping Edition

With Valentineā€™s Day just a few days away, I have received several requests for online shopping tips. If you are swamped at work, or you just donā€™t want to brave the mall, fear not. If you order today, you should have no problem receiving your gifts by Friday. Just pay attention to the online shipping … Continue reading Valentineā€™s Day Gifts: Online Shopping Edition