How About Them Gators?!?

I admit it.  I am often guilty of shying away from opportunities to try new things.  Sometimes, all I need is a little push, and I'm glad that I went on a little gator adventure.  After all, that's what you do while in the Florida Everglades, right? Upon arrival, this was the first sign I witnessed … Continue reading How About Them Gators?!?

Dancing in the Desert, Dubai Edition

Happy Monday everyone!  If you're like me, you may be suffering from a case of the Mondays.  A good remedy for such an affliction is focusing on something positive.  Having just returned from Dubai, I have loads of fun memories to share with you all beginning with the desert of course. While I was not … Continue reading Dancing in the Desert, Dubai Edition

Monday Motivation

Happy (or not so happy) Monday everyone! As I write this post, it is currently pouring outside my window, and of course my mind is beginning to wonder. On a hot, humid, and dreary day here in Houston, I cannot help but yearn for an adventure.  I was in for quite the surprise when I turned … Continue reading Monday Motivation