Chicago in a Day

As we approach the celebration of America's independence, I am reminded that I need to really make it a priority to explore more places across the United States.  From the terrain, people, climate, and beyond, this is truly a unique and diverse country. Throughout my twenties, I spent more time traveling to far away places, … Continue reading Chicago in a Day

A Different Kind of Race on Election Night

Happy November 8, everyone.  Whether my fellow American citizens are reading this post, or perhaps you are visiting from other parts of the globe, you may be aware of a little election we are having this evening. While I certainly have my views on the election, I must say I'm beyond annoyed and tired of … Continue reading A Different Kind of Race on Election Night

Happy Birthday America!

Hello friends! I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and for my American friends across the globes, a lovely July 4 holiday. Independence Day, July 4, or America’s birthday is typically celebrated with fireworks, fun, and of course, barbeques with family and friends. Today, I’m spending my July 4 resting up for the week ahead (because … Continue reading Happy Birthday America!