❤️Red Love❤️

Certain colors are more cyclical, but a bold red is always in fashion. Fashion designer Bill Blass famously said that "red is the ultimate cure for sadness." If you're looking for a boost as we move into March, I suggest going for the cure of red. Fortunately, red is readily available this season (pun intended), … Continue reading ❤️Red Love❤️

Is it Really Acceptable to Wear Pink to Work?

Can you believe we are already half way through 2015?!?  I'm struggling to comprehend how we are already in June, but I'm definitely glad that summer is upon us. Over the weekend, one of my fabulous readers asked whether it really was acceptable to wear pink in the workplace.   If you've gone through any of … Continue reading Is it Really Acceptable to Wear Pink to Work?

Elie Saab’s Fashion Inspiration

Fashion designers can take anything from a beautiful painting to their favorite landscape and transform it into their latest collection. In a special exclusive for Lebanon’s The Daily Star, Elie Saab shares his story and inspiration behind his latest collection: Beirut. Elie’s collection had everyone buzzing at Paris Fashion Week where he debuted his moving … Continue reading Elie Saab’s Fashion Inspiration