NY Fashion Week Feature: Victoria Beckham

So many people love to hate Victoria Beckham (aka the lady who never smiles). I could not disagree more. When I was a fashion PR intern at Selfridges back in 2006, I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Beckham who was more than lovely. She is incredibly down to earth, and believe it or not, … Continue reading NY Fashion Week Feature: Victoria Beckham

Painting the Town Red

Christmas may have come and gone, but today I've decided to be in the red.  Red invokes various images in the mind.  Some may first envision blood, while others (typically ladies) may take their minds straight to their favorite lipstick.  Regardless of what first comes to mind, there is no doubt that red is the … Continue reading Painting the Town Red

Cape Town

Looking for a great piece to wear to work, on a night out, or to the ballet? I HIGHLY recommend snagging a great cape this season. I absolutely love capes because they exude grace and elegance, and they can be paired with virtually anything. For a great work look, try pairing a tan or nude … Continue reading Cape Town