Cape Town

Looking for a great piece to wear to work, on a night out, or to the ballet? I HIGHLY recommend snagging a great cape this season. I absolutely love capes because they exude grace and elegance, and they can be paired with virtually anything. For a great work look, try pairing a tan or nude … Continue reading Cape Town

Black Friday Steals and Deals

For those of you in the US, congratulations on surviving Thanksgiving. Hopefully you have come out of your food highs and are ready to a bit of shopping. There are so many debates as to the best day to do your Christmas shopping. Is it Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Honestly, there are great deals on … Continue reading Black Friday Steals and Deals

Celestial Selections

Having grown up in a Middle Eastern family, the moon and stars is a symbol I know far too well.  While many believe the moon and stars to have originated with Islam, this is actually not the case at all.   The crescent moon is seen in various cultures.  In fact, the word “crescent” originates from … Continue reading Celestial Selections