Is it Really Acceptable to Wear Pink to Work?

Can you believe we are already half way through 2015?!?  I'm struggling to comprehend how we are already in June, but I'm definitely glad that summer is upon us. Over the weekend, one of my fabulous readers asked whether it really was acceptable to wear pink in the workplace.   If you've gone through any of … Continue reading Is it Really Acceptable to Wear Pink to Work?

Black Friday Steals and Deals

For those of you in the US, congratulations on surviving Thanksgiving. Hopefully you have come out of your food highs and are ready to a bit of shopping. There are so many debates as to the best day to do your Christmas shopping. Is it Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Honestly, there are great deals on … Continue reading Black Friday Steals and Deals

Lemon Love

If only I had a penny for every time someone has said, “oh I wish I could wear yellow.”  So many women and men are afraid to rock the color, and I say it is time for a change. Yellow is a great neutral color that when coordinated properly can work with most skin tones. … Continue reading Lemon Love