A Day with Sebastian Stan

Have you ever seen Captain America, the Avengers, or I, Tonya? How about Gossip Girl, The Martian, or The Bronze? If so, you are likely very familiar with Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan. Nearly one year ago, Sebastian was going to visit Houston as a part of the Fandemic Tour. Then, the infamous Hurricane Harvey hit, … Continue reading A Day with Sebastian Stan

Culture, Color, and Community

Happy Monday, Friends!  I hope you are all rested and ready for the week ahead. I must admit, I am beyond exhausted.  However, in continuing with my last post, writing about my lovely friend's beautiful wedding puts a smile on my face. I want to thank everyone who sent me photos of their Henna fun.  I … Continue reading Culture, Color, and Community

Monday Motivation

Happy (or not so happy) Monday everyone! As I write this post, it is currently pouring outside my window, and of course my mind is beginning to wonder. On a hot, humid, and dreary day here in Houston, I cannot help but yearn for an adventure.  I was in for quite the surprise when I turned … Continue reading Monday Motivation