YAY, It is Time for Black Friday!

Happy Black Friday, everyone!  For those of you who are in need of a little exercise, you would be surprised how much you can burn wandering around the malls.  Sales have already hit record breaking highs, but with those sales, we have seen quite a bit of madness. For those of you visiting or about to … Continue reading YAY, It is Time for Black Friday!

Down to Earth Tones

Waking up to a sunny, cool, and crisp morning inspired me to sport some earth tones to work today.  The doorman in my office building has made a routine of giving my outfits a theme in three words or less.  Today I was dubbed forest friendly.  Sounds kind of cute, right? I love incorporating earth … Continue reading Down to Earth Tones

Standing Tall

Every summer, I anxiously await the coming of October. Wonder why? In Texas, the weather finally jumps down to the 60s and 70s, and it becomes socially acceptable to wear boots.   Whether I’m going out to dinner with friends or I’m channeling my inner bum, I always love sporting a great pair of boots, leggings, … Continue reading Standing Tall