Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you to all of you who sent me some great fashion requests  while I was travelling overseas! I am currently working on sharing some of my international fashion experiences with you, and you better believe I will get to work on your requests! Today is the day millions of Americans gather with their families … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting the Boot

Today is all about paying homage to booties. And no that’s not what I mean…. Who would have thought that chopping off part of a boot would become such a hit?!? If you do not have a pair of booties in your closet, now is the time! Booties or ankle boots are such a versatile … Continue reading Getting the Boot

Leopard Love

There are certain trends a girl can always count on this time of year.  One of my favorite looks is of course leopard.  The leopard symbol has been plastered on shirts, dresses, and pretty much everything imaginable for decades.    I typically associate the print with boldness, which got me wondering what leopard has meant to … Continue reading Leopard Love